Wisconsin Geospatial News

Send us your Success Stories

One of the most common positive comments we receive regarding the Mapping Bulletin is how it helps our readers learn more about what people are doing around the state. That’s great to hear, because we work hard to publish information on issues that directly affect you and your daily work.

As a way to delve even deeper into GIS and land information projects taking place in Wisconsin, we are starting a new regular Mapping Bulletin feature called “Success Stories.” My goal in this effort is to help our readers connect with folks trying to tackle similar problems. Each success story will describe a problem, how it was solved, what was learned along the way, the benefits, and the results. You’ve probably see articles like this elsewhere, but the difference here is we will focus exclusively on projects in Wisconsin.

To make this idea fly, I need your help. Have you implemented a process or system of which you are particularly proud? Is your new web mapping application receiving praise from your citizens? What about something that didn’t go as well as you hoped, but sharing your experience will help somebody else? Let’s work together to share your triumphs and lessons learned. Please mail me your ideas.