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Discovering Federal Grants on Grants.Gov

Are you looking for federal grant opportunities? Grants.gov is now the single place for discovering, and applying for, federal grant opportunities. The Grants.gov initiative helps streamline the process of awarding over $350 billion annually to state and local governments, academia, not-for-profits and other organizations. Administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, all twenty-six federal agencies are required to post their competitive grant opportunities on the site.

Once a grant of interest is located via a variety of search options, site visitors can download an application package and complete it offline. Once complete, the package is submitted electronically through Grants.gov. The application is time-stamped during the submittal process, and the appropriate federal agency has immediate access to it.

Grants.gov screenshot

The SCO used Grants.gov to apply for our recently awarded 2004 Framework Grant from the Federal Geographic Data Committee. Unfortunately at the time of application in early June this year, we discovered the online application process is not without problems. We ran into a number of technical glitches that ultimately led to our application being submitted on paper. Although the mechanics of the site may need some tweaking, the good news is grant seekers now have one place to go when looking for new federal funding opportunities.

Visit Grants.gov for more detailed information.

Source: The Municipality, Aug. 04, Vol. 99, #8