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PSC announces Wireless 911 grants

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) has released its decisions concerning wireless 911 grants to service providers and counties. Service providers were awarded $47 million of the $65 million applied for, while counties were awarded $29 million of the $40 million requested. A significant amount of the $29 million awarded to counties will go toward expanding GIS data. This data is a vital locational component of locally-based Wireless 911 response systems. An as yet to be determined monthly surcharge on all wireless bills in the state will fund the $69 million cost of the program. The surcharge will be collected over the next three years from nearly three million customers in the state. The PSC decision document for counties (198 pages with itemized details for each county) can be viewed on the PSC Web site . To view the order, click on the ERF link, then click on Search ERF and fill in the document number in the appropriate box (the PSC ref # for the county grant award order is 44910).

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