Wisconsin Geospatial News

New land surveying modernization bill in the works

The Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) is working closely with Senator Dale Schultz (R, District 17) and Representative Roger Rivard (R, District 75) to introduce companion bills aimed at updating the statutes that govern the land surveying profession in Wisconsin. The so-called “Land Surveying Modernization” bill, which is currently in draft form as LRB-21101 pdf, is expected to be introduced to the Senate and Assembly by Schultz and Rivard, respectively, sometime next week. A summary published by the Legislative Reference Bureau pdf (LRB) highlights the key points of the proposal.

WSLS has tried for years to update the statutes in order to better reflect changes in the surveying industry. Their efforts last legislative session failed, largely due to opposition from a number of constituent groups in the state. WSLS went back to the proverbial drawing board this time, and worked with the LRB to create a bill they hope addresses the concerns expressed by various groups last year.

Public debate has not yet started on the proposed bills, so stay tuned for more information.