Wisconsin Geospatial News

Update on WLIP funding legislation

Last week we published an article on two companion bills introduced to the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly.  Both bills target Wisconsin’s comprehensive planning law, but as proposed they would essentially erase $2 million in funding from the nationally-recognized Wisconsin Land Information Program.

As a result of concerns raised by geospatial professionals and others, Representative Williams offered an amendment to Assembly Bill 303 on October 17th.  Under the new amendment, the state share of a $30 deed recording fee on land transactions would be reduced from $2.00 to $1.00 beginning on July 1, 2015. 

While the amendment offers good news that at least a portion of WLIP funds will be protected from transfers into the state’s general fund, the affect on rural counties with very low volumes of land transactions is not yet known. Fewer funds available at the state level will translate into fewer funds available for so-called “base budget” grants that provide much-needed funding to predominantly rural counties.

We’ll post further updates as they become available.