Hayden’s Tech Corner – Do Esri Services Support WMS and WFS?

In short, yes, Esri services support OGC standards. Map Server = WMS; Feature Service = WFS; Raster Tile Service = WMTS.

Hayden’s Tech Corner – Components for JavaScript SDK!

Some exciting updates from Esri recently with the introduction of Components for the JavaScript SDK. Components simplify the process of developing applications from scratch by consolidating common code patterns into simple HTML tags.

SCO Has Public Layers in the Cloud and Here’s How to Use Them

A little known fact is that SCO has layers such as Wisconsin townships and county boundaries publicly available in the cloud via CARTO. In this post we look at how they can be used.

Download Wisconsin LiDAR data by the tile using our new interactive tile index

Tiled LiDAR data on Wisconsin View can now be searched spatially and downloaded by the tile.