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Hayden’s Tech Corner – Components for JavaScript SDK!

Some exciting updates from Esri recently with the introduction of Components for the JavaScript SDK. Components simplify the process of developing applications from scratch by consolidating common code patterns into simple HTML tags.

Before components, widgets were used to greatly simplify development. Below is code showing what a simple app using widgets looks like. Optionally, open the codepen in a new window.

Remember, this is a vast improvement over manually writing all the functionality yourself.

Now let’s look at how the same application can be created using the new components. Optionally, open the codepen in a new window.

As you can see, developing with components requires far fewer lines of code. This new, easier way to develop apps is a welcomed improvement and I look forward to using it for future projects.

Components weren’t the only new thing in the October release of ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript. See Esri’s blog post to read more about Oriented Imagery, Feature-to-feature Relationship Editing, Enhanced Polygon Label Placement, New Basemap Styles API, and Animated GIF/PNG in Media Layer.