Jackson County Coordinates – Notice to Users

Please note that prior to the 2006 redesign of WCCS, two coordinate systems existed for Jackson County, WI. One system is part of the statewide Wisconsin County Coordinate System as documented in the 1995 Coordinate Systems Handbook published by the SCO. The other system was created by Jackson County, and is named by the county as the Jackson County Official Projection. It is important to note that these two systems have distinctly different parameters, e.g., each is based on a different projection, different origin, etc. All mapping and surveying work performed by Jackson County agencies is based on the Official Projection. Jackson County officials urge all working on projects within the county to use this system.

Wisconsin County Coordinate System – Jackson County Parameters pdf


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not the projection for Jackson County that is definedin the book published by the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office titled “Wisconsin Coordinate Systems”.

Transverse Mercator projection set  Name of projection set:   JACKSON COUNTY OFFICIAL PROJECTION False east:               27000.0000          m False north:              25000.0000          m Latitude of origin:       44° 15' 12.00646"   N Central meridian:         90° 50' 39.46747"   W Scale:                    1.0000353000 Zone width:               1°10'
Last updated: September 21, 2017