Wisconsin County Coordinate System (WCCS) Parameters

Please note: WCCS was redesigned in 2006 and replaced by a new system called WISCRS. These parameters are provided for historical reference. For more information, see the SCO publication “Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems.”

Jackson County Coordinates – Notice to Users

Prior to the 2006 redesign of WCCS, two coordinate systems existed for Jackson County, WI. One system is part of the statewide Wisconsin County Coordinate System as documented in the 1995 Coordinate Systems Handbook published by the SCO. The other system was created by Jackson County, and is named by the county as the Jackson County Official Projection. It is important to note that these two systems have distinctly different parameters,

Coordinate Reference Systems

Coordinate systems are used to accurately identify locations on the Earth’s surface, and are one of the fundamental building blocks that make modern Geographic Information Systems possible. This pages contains more information on coordinate reference systems commonly used in Wisconsin.

EPSG codes now available for GDAL, PROJ, and QGIS

Users of several popular open source packages can now utilize the WISCRS EPSG codes by downloading new parameter files.

Redesign of Wisconsin County Coordinate System now complete

Coordinate differences between old and new systems are negligible for most applications, but new implementation will be easier for GIS users and software vendors.

Final results of the County Coordinate System redesign are now available

Coordinate value differences are minimal

WLIA Task Force Tackles Coordinate Systems

New proposal would simplify parameters of Wisconsin County Coordinate Systems