Project to develop Wisconsin orthophotography business plan moving forward

New SCO-led project seeks to gather input from the Wisconsin geospatial community on past orthoimagery projects, and develop a business plan that makes incremental improvements to the current situation.

National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) study complete

The National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) has just been completed.

WIGICC seeks assistance

The Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council is conducting a short survey to get your feedback.

WIGICC working groups formed

WIGICC (Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council) has formed several new working groups.

SCO receives FGDC funding for statewide orthophotography planning

A new project planned to begin in the fall of 2011 will identify lessons learned in past Wisconsin orthophotography projects, and then develop a blueprint for a sustainable program that further simplifies imagery acquisitions in Wisconsin.

State agency GIS users meeting on January 13th

SAGIC changes their format to encourage broader participation by all state agency GIS users.

New WIGICC members announced

Announcement caps off a six week long process to identify new sector representatives.

NSGIC conference provides outreach opportunity for WIGICC

Wisconsin representatives learn more about other statewide GIS coordination councils and get feedback about WIGICC’s path to permanency.

WIGICC report recommends council permanency

The recently finalized report documents the progress, actions, and accomplishments of WIGICC since its inception in September 2008, and identifies recommendations for ongoing activities and for permanent establishment of the Council.

Too many cooks?

State Cartographer Howard Veregin shares some thoughts on the changing geospatial landscape and the role of the Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council.