Wisconsin Geospatial News

Final results of the County Coordinate System redesign are now available

The final report of the redesign of the Wisconsin County Coordinate System (WCCS) is now available from the State Cartographer’s Office website.

The newly designed system, named the Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems (WISCRS) is intended to be easier to implement for most users.

In late spring (2005) the Wisconsin Land Information Board allocated $35,000 through a Strategic Initiative Grant to support the redesign of the WCCS. Jackson County, the grant recipient, contracted with a geodesist, Al Vonderohe (UW-Madison professor), to do the redesign effort. This work is now complete. In early 2006 the redesign parameters were tested, and documentation of the redesign approach is now available.

An accompanying handbook publication to replace the Wisconsin Coordinate Systems Handbook as well as educational workshop materials are currently in the planning stages.

More information: WISCRS (Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems): Redesign of the WCCS (Wisconsin County Coordinate System) (3.87 MB PDF)