Wisconsin Geospatial News

Paper Bulletin about to end

Our plans for converting to web-based publication of this newsletter have started to take some form. Over the next several months we will refine and test our ideas and methods before rolling them out. At this point we expect that the next issue (Summer ‘03) will be the final one printed on paper.

The first big decision has been made. The Wisconsin Mapping Bulletin will be presented directly through the web rather than in the form of a PDF. This method will make it easier for you to read while on line. You will be able to print individual articles associated with a particular edition of the Bulletin, and we may also enable the printing of the entire contents in one step–although don’t expect the result to look like the current published version.

When viewing the digital Bulletin you will first see an annotated table of contents from which any story will be only one click away. In the same initial view we will also give you easy access to the freshest parts of our web site: news briefs, calendar, jobs, etc.

We are also considering bi-monthly publication rather than the current quarterly pattern. This would result in more compact issues with more timely news.

Get ready to sign up

While the current (and previous) issues of the Bulletin will always be available to anyone who surfs over to our web site, we are planning to set up an e-mail announcement list so that, if you choose, you will be informed when a new issue becomes available.

Watch in our next issue, or later this summer on our web site, for instructions on how to sign up for the announcement service.