Wisconsin Geospatial News

GIS Day plans taking shape

Across the world, the country, and the state, organizations have begun to plan for GIS Day 2003. Scheduled for November 19, a wide variety of events will take place that day. Any organization can stage an event at their office or go off site.

Already, four events are scheduled in Wisconsin. Three are at university campuses and one at a county courthouse. At the UW-Madison campus, Karen Tuerk, recently hired to coordinate the Geography Departments GIS Certificate Program, is leading an effort that seeks to involve the entire GIS community in the vicinity.

Search listings geographicallyTo keep tabs on what is scheduled in your area, and to find links to web sites profiling events across the world, visit the GIS Day web site: www.gisday.com.

GIS Day is sponsored by a collection of private-sector, non-profit, and governmental organizations, and is in its fifth year.