Wisconsin Geospatial News

The stories you may have missed

Since our previous issue was published we have posted a number of short news stories via our web site. We will continue to make news available to you by this means even as we move the Bulletin to web-delivery mode itself, since some information surfaces and becomes stale faster than we can assemble it into a routine publication.

If you havent visited our site regularly over the last few months to catch our news stories, you have missed the following:

  • Landsat 7 instrument problems surface
  • Regional climate maps show extent of drought
  • Lewis & Clark map display opened July 24 in D.C.
  • Professionals rally support for Landsat 7 data
  • Tom Krauskopf retires from career at DOA
  • West Nile Virus maps return to track disease
  • Earlier stories always retrievable

Earlier stories always retrievable

We tag each news story with a stale date after which it no longer appears in the list of current stories. Typically, a story is fresh for several months. In addition, you can always check our archives for stories that have lapsed into the stale category.