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Help support the Wisconsin Land Information Program!

The Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) is urging land information professionals to contact their legislators to express support for the Governor’s budget proposal regarding the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP). In question is a $3 user fee, part of which is used for statewide land information initiatives.

Under current law, on July 1, 2005, the existing user fee for recording the first page of a land record will be reduced from $11 to $8. From the $3 user fee reduction, part of the $2 currently funds the state’s Land Information Program and $1 remains with the county and is currently used to develop and maintain a computerized index of county land information relating to housing for the public. If current law is not changed, funding for these services will be cut.

Fortunately, Governor Doyle and his administration recognize the importance of the land records fee, and included it in their proposed budget bill for the upcoming biennium. If eventually passed as part of the larger budget bill, the $3 fee will be re-enacted, and will continue to be collected as it has in the past.

However, members of the Joint Committee on Finance could vote to strike the clause that re-enacts the fee. In a time when it is politically attractive to blindly cut fees, it is especially important for land information professionals to contact their legislator and members of Joint Committee on Finance. WLIA prepared a factsheet to help explain the issues in simple terms.

For more information, contact Peter Kammer (WLIA Lobbyist) via e-mail at pkammer@essieconsulting.com, or (608) 256-7701.