Wisconsin Geospatial News

Exciting Times at the SCO

roller coaster

Life at the SCO over the past few months was a bit like a ride on a roller coaster. We experienced some exciting highs, along with a couple of lows. One high was our very successful mapping sciences Open House on September 1, 2004 with over 100 visitors.

We did experience a few bumps along the way after the retirement of Assistant State Cartographer Bob Gurda in late April, and the sudden departure of our Financial Specialist Mary Jackson in early May. However, we bounced back up again with the hiring of Conni Fialkowski as our Financial Specialist in July. We also welcomed Jim Lacy as our Associate State Cartographer in late November.

As we rolled through the summer, we said goodbye to Ben Sheesley, Jeff Stone, and Julia Wilcox, all of whom devoted considerable time and energy to our grant-related projects. Cindy Rullan, our multi-talented graphic artist and jack-of-all trades, departed during the fall.

Life is all about adapting to change. We look forward to smoother sailing in the months ahead!