Wisconsin Geospatial News

2005 NAIP imagery now final

The preliminary 2005 NAIP county compressed MrSID mosaics released last fall passed through quality control checks, and are now considered final with no revisions necessary. The 2005 county compressed county mosaics are available for download from www.wisconsinview.org. According to WisconsinView Coordinator Dr. Sam Batzli, over 2,000 people have registered to download the NAIP data since it was released.

Final 2005 NAIP Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads (DOQQs) in geotiff format were delivered to state and local partners in May. The DOQQs should be available for download on www.wisconsinview.org in July.

DNR working on WTM mosaics
In related news, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has contracted with a consultant to re-project the 2005 NAIP DOQQs from UTM NAD 83 (Zone 15 or 16) to Wisconsin Transverse Mercator 83/91. After receiving the re-projected DOQQ’s, DNR plans to create MrSID county mosaics in-house. The availability of WTM 2005 NAIP to the general public has not been determined at this time.

Future NAIP flights
The USDA Farm Service Agency is planning to acquire 2-meter resolution, true-color NAIP orthophotography in the summer of 2006. The 2006 NAIP will have some no-fly zones in urban and national forest areas. Project partners are not being sought for 2006 NAIP. The next 1-meter NAIP flight is scheduled for 2010.