Nienow Promoted to Manager of Aerial Mapping

Congratulations to Zachary Nienow, GISP, for being named Ayres’ new manager of Aerial Mapping.

GeoData@WI and WisconsinView overflowing with new aerial imagery

Nearly 10 terabytes of new aerial imagery is now available from the WisconsinView archive via GeoData@Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Aerial Imagery (2018)

This SCO infosheet discusses the current status of aerial imagery in the state of Wisconsin.  This includes both historic aerial photography, and present-day orthoimagery projects conducted by local, state, and federal government organizations.

Statewide Orthophotography Planning

In 2012, the State Cartographer’s Office began work on a Federal Geographic Data Committee Cooperative Agreement Program project entitled “Business Plan Development for a Wisconsin Aerial Imaging Program.”  This infosheet provides an overview of the project.

Wisconsin Orthophotography (2016)

This Infosheet summarizes the status of orthophoto projects in Wisconsin, and describes current and future trends that affect imagery users in the state.

Wisconsin Aerial Imagery: A Blueprint for Moving the State Forward

This discussion paper proposes an implementation strategy for a Wisconsin statewide aerial imagery program. The recommendations in this document were developed following an open and participatory process conducted in 2012 and 2013 where imagery stakeholders throughout Wisconsin provided their insights and requirements for a statewide aerial imagery plan.

Key Characteristics of a Proposed Wisconsin Aerial Imagery Program

This document summarizes the key components of a Wisconsin aerial imagery program proposed in a discussion paper published by the State Cartographer’s Office. This includes recommendations for contracting, technical standards, funding, and other logistics.

2017 NAIP flights making progress in Wisconsin

Aerial imagery acquisitions appear to be lagging behind past years due to persistent rainy weather in the state.

Aerial Imagery Data

While Wisconsin does not have a statewide aerial imagery program, there are several options for acquiring digital imagery (either public domain, or for a fee.)  This includes imagery developed from local, state, and federal agencies.  Typically, the highest-resolution imagery in the state is produced and distributed by local governments.

New WHAIFinder aerial photo application released

Try out our new WHAIFinder historic aerial photo application redesigned and redeveloped by SCO student developers.