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Statewide orthophoto task force underway

Next Task Force meeting

Everyone welcome to attend! 

When: July 27, 10:00 a.m.

Where: Room B338, Science Building, UW-Stevens Point. Park in Lot "X". (map)

For more information

Contact Andrew Jennings at (920) 751-4770, or visit the WLIA Orthoimagery Web site.

With the goal of making orthoimagery acquisition more efficient and cost-effective through a proposed statewide program in 2010, the Wisconsin Land Information Association Orthoimagery Task Force (WOTF) recently held their first meeting in conjunction with the WLIA regional conference in Stevens Point.

The task force, created in April by the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) Board, plans to conduct the necessary research, analysis, and coordination to develop strategies and recommendations to advance a statewide orthophoto project.  The WOTF intends complete its findings before the 2008 WLIA Annual Conference, and present the conclusions and recommendations to WLIA during the conference.

The WOTF recruited 46 members from a broad range of interests and expertise to work on the task force. In the coming months, activities will concentrate on the following goals:

  • Recruit additional members representing local, municipal, and tribal interests
  • Begin documenting existing uses and needs of digital orthoimagery and elevation data through the Ramona survey  
  • Analyze current trends in orthophoto acquisition methods, products, format, and delivery  
  • Analyze state, regional, statewide, and national consortia that have demonstrated cost effective data acquisition efforts  
  • Explore potential funding strategies

In order to address the large amount of work associated with this initiative, the WOTF is organized into three distinct but related teams:

  • Product/Technical Group – This group will be responsible for researching different products and new technologies in digital orthoimagery acquisition.  It will also work on product specifications and draft contract templates
  • Funding Group – This group will seek different funding sources and options to fund a statewide orthoimagery acquisition, and if appropriate work on agreements and grants to secure these funding sources
  • Communication/Public Relations – This group will be responsible for communicating with the land information community, and serve as a liaison between the WOTF and interested stakeholders

The WOTF is seeking assistance and input from the land information community to move this project forward. Please contact Andrew M. Jennings if you are interested in participating or have any suggestions to help the task force. Updates will be posted on the WLIA Web site as the initiative moves forward.