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Updated infosheets now online

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Contact Jim Lacy at (608) 262-6850 if you have any comments on our publications, or would like to suggest a topic for a future infosheet.

Designed with the busy reader in mind, “infosheets” published by State Cartographer’s Office are short, printer-friendly flyers on a variety of mapping-related topics.  Most are updated yearly, with the latest round of revisions on several infosheets happening in early February:

Digital Orthophotos (PDF, 0.7 MB) – Contains basic background information on digital orthophotography concepts, and an overview of current and planned ortho projects happening around Wisconsin.

PLSSFinder (PDF, 1.4 MB) – Looking for a Public Land Survey System corner? Check out the PLSSFinder infosheet to learn more about your options, including an online Web application maintained by the SCO.

ControlFinder (PDF, 1.2 MB) – The “sister” application to PLSSFinder, ControlFinder is the SCO’s Web-based application for locating information on various types of control points in Wisconsin.  The infosheet also gives a brief update on the DOT/NGS Height Modernization Program.

WIGICC (PDF, 0.6 MB) – An overview and status update on the initiative to create a statewide geospatial coordination council in Wisconsin.

A small number of additional infosheets on other topics are available on the SCO publications page.  Check them out!