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Updates to Coordinate Reference Systems handbook in the works

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Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems (2nd Edition) is the definitive guide for the use and implementation of coordinate systems in Wisconsin.  First published in 1995 (1st Edition), and with the last major update happening in 2009 (2nd Edition), we are beginning the process to develop the 3rd edition of the popular reference handbook.

Some of the major planned revisions include:

  • Adding EPSG Codes for coordinate reference systems commonly used in Wisconsin.
  • Updated information on national geodetic datums and their adjustments.
  • Updated guidance on what datum(s) to use with the Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems (WISCRS).
  • New information on software packages for coordinate conversions/transformations.
  • … and more.

If you would like to suggest any additions or corrections to the handbook, or have any general feedback on the publication as a whole, please contact me via email or at (608) 262-6850.  We’d love your feedback!

Our goal is to have the 3rd Edition complete and available online as a free, downloadable PDF by the fall of 2016.