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Amendment made to comprehensive planning bill

Last week I reported on SB266 and AB371, two bills that aim to eliminate comprehensive planning in Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) registered against the bills due to a perceived threat to funding for the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).  DOA officials and the WLIA lobbyist were concerned the bills would remove up to $2 million from the WLIP each year.

According to communications from Terry Duerkop, Chief of Staff for Senator Terry Moulton, they “never intended to impact the WLIP fund.”

In response, Senator Moulton offered an amendment to SB266 on Thursday October 22nd that cleans up the language referencing the WLIP.  As I write this, the amendment has not yet been officially accepted. An amendment to AB371 is presumably pending introduction.

While nothing is assured at this point, this is good news for supporters of the WLIP.