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SCO aerial photography user survey now available

Earlier this week, we sent out over 2,000 survey invitations to imagery and GIS users around the state.  This represents the first major step in developing a statewide business plan (a “blueprint”) for a future Wisconsin aerial imagery program.

No doubt, many of you reading this already received an invitation to take our Wisconsin aerial imagery user survey.  If you did, we thank you in advance for your participation! And apologies if you received the invite more than once, we did our best to reduce the number of duplicate messages.

For anyone we missed on our contact list, please visit the following site to take the survey:



Survey demographics

survey sectors

The graphic to the right shows the distribution of survey invitations by “sector.”  We wanted to keep track of who we sent the survey to so we can later assess how well we did in reaching each of these audiences.  

We used e-mail addresses as the primary means to bin recipients into each sector.  The large “unknown” category is mostly due to Hotmail, GMail, Charter, and other generic e-mail addresses.  I suspect most of the unknowns are students at universities, and individual land surveyors who work as private consultants.  

Similarly, the relatively large number for private sector recipients primarily comes from the large number of Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors members who were invited to take the survey.

We need your help!

We’ve already received quite a few responses, but we want more.  If you haven’t already responded, we’d appreciate it if you could take the time to do so… we need your input!

The survey isn’t the only method we are using to gather feedback from stakeholders. We are also planning to hold several regional meetings during the last week of September.  Details are forthcoming on the specific dates and locations.  In addition, we are currently in the process of setting up interviews with anyone willing to share feedback that isn’t conducive to a structured survey.

For more information on how you can assist with the project, check out this page on the project Web site.  Thanks for your help!