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Curtis Pulford steps down as Wisconsin GIO

Curtis Pulford is stepping down as Wisconsin’s Geographic Information Officer (GIO) at the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA), effective in early July, according to a letter from Curt posted on the Wisconsin Land Information Association website. 

Curt was appointed as GIO in December of 2007. Previous to this he was Coordinator of the Geographic Information Systems Unit at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Curt worked for 10 years at DOT to guide their GIS development and implement an impressive GIS operation and support team.

Prior to DOT Curt worked for Pima County in Tucson, Arizona, on the Interactive Mapping and Automated Geographic Information Network (IMAGIN) Project and then in the Engineering and Geographic Information System (EGIS) Department as a database administrator, GIS cartographer and GIS analyst.

The GIO’s most recent project involves an investigation of product solutions for enterprise repository and geoportal services. The goal of the project is to create a proposal to implement a managed solution for use by state and partner agencies. As Curt states in his letter, DOA management will work with Geographic Information Office staff to fulfill current project responsibilities and support ongoing enterprise GIS efforts.

Author’s note: This article originally stated that with Curt’s departure the future of the repository project was uncertain. This statement suggested, incorrectly, that the DOA might not be committed to the project. In fact, DOA management is is committed to fulfilling current project responsibilities and to enterprise GIS initiatives in general.