Wisconsin Geospatial News

UW-Madison’s GIS Day a huge success!

GIS Day, held last Wednesday at UW-Madison, attracted attendees from departments and units across campus, other UW- Institutions, and the broader geospatial community.  One hundred twenty-five people registered for GIS Day this year along with thirteen exhibitors showcasing their geospatial technologies and applications.

This year GIS Day was expanded to an all-day program rather than a half-day. Program highlights included:

  • Keynote Presentations on “Educating the Next Geospatial Workforce: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies” and “The Bad River Water & Culture Maps Project”.
  • The morning presentations included: “The Evolution of GIS as a Tool to Treat Disease”, “Getting Started with Open Source Tools for GIS Mapping”, and “Mapping Land Cover –Wiscland2”.
  • The afternoon presentations included: “Utilizing Bluetooth Detection to Establish Traffic Origins & Destinations for Metro Madison”, “Using Spatial Data to Advance Badger Engagement and Philanthropy”, and “How GIS Projects Emerge and Evolve: Dissecting Two Recent GIS Projects at UW Sea Grant”.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Keynote Presenters and all the conference presenters, whose time and efforts helped make the event a success. Likewise we would like to thank the event sponsors who helped offset the cost of the event for the SCO. This year’s sponsors were the Robinson Map Library and the Land & Computer Graphics Facility with a special thanks to the GIS Certificate Program

For those of you unable to attend this year, we hope to see you at next year’s GIS Day. Relevant information will be posted on the Geospatial Alliance and SCO websites as the date draws closer.