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Wisconsin lawmakers consider UAV technology


Kirk Contrucci from Ayres Associates testifies in front of the Assembly
Committee on Jobs and the Economy, March 25, 2015.  Photo courtesy
of Ayres Associates.

Wisconsin Representative Adam Neylon, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy, invited several industry experts to the Capitol on March 25th to educate the Commitee on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and the potential impact of the technology on Wisconsin’s economy.

Paul Braun (Continental Mapping), Kirk Contrucci (Ayres Associates), and Dr. Joe Hupy (UW-Eau Claire) provided their perspectives to the committee.  

Dr. Hupy, who gave a presentation at the Fall 2014 WLIA Regional on his work with UAVs, suggested that people interested in UAVs are “not looking for the Wild West, they’re looking for a clear set of rules and regulations that they can follow.”

In February, the FAA unveiled a draft proposal that attempts to further clarify the use of small unmanned aerial systems.  Among other things, the proposed regulations would limit the flying height of small UAVs to 500 ft, require that operators pass a aeronautical knowledge test every two years, and maintain a visual sightline to the UAV at all times.

For more details and additional background on the Assembly hearing, check out the following article in the Wisconsin State Journal:

Wisconsin lawmakers discuss regulation of drones