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Comment now on draft 2015 Uniform Instructions for Land Information Plans

Draft Uniform Instructions for Land Information Plans

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) seeks your comments on the guidelines used by counties to prepare land information plans for the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).

In an e-mail sent to stakeholders on April 23rd, Grant Administrator Peter Herreid notes the preparation of county land information plans fullfil requirements set forth in state statute 59.72.  Having an approved land information plan ensures a county will remain eligible for future WLIP grant and retained-fee funding.

Herreid went on to explain the revised instructions, which serve to replace instructions last updated in 2009, were created by a DOA-led workgroup consisting of county land information officers, with surveyor, register of deeds, real property lister representation.

Revisions to the instructions reduce redundancy, place more emphasis on standards required by statute, require fewer foundational element sublayers, and describe “Act 20” standards and parcel map workflow.  The recommended report format has also been updated.

The public is invited to submit comments to Peter Herreid via e-mail by May 22nd.