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DOA seeking input on future directions of Land Information Program

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2016 WLIP Survey Cover letter

2016 WLIP Survey (open to all)

The Wisconsin Department of Administration published a survey on November 30th aimed at better-defining geospatial “benchmarks” Wisconsin counties must meet in the future. While the survey is required for all county Land Information Officers, other Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP) stakeholders are also invited to respond.  This includes all data users and producers who utilize WLIP-funded data.  Imagery and LiDAR contractors may also wish to comment on the standards proposed in the survey.

The survey closes on Friday, January 20, 2017.

According to a cover letter sent by WLIP Grant Administrator Peter Herreid, the survey is “an important way we are looking to gather information about how you think future WLIP Strategic Initiative grant funding should be utilized.”  He went on to further explain the survey focuses on 2018 grant benchmarks for open data, aerial imagery, and LiDAR.  Each of which were identified as areas of emphasis in the 2016-2021 WLIP Program Plan.

Questions on the survey should be directed to Peter Herreid at (608) 267- 3369.