Wisconsin Geospatial News

WIGICC dissolves

WIGICC (the Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council) has passed a resolution to dissolve the Council as it currently exists. In addition, all working groups will become WLIA (Wisconsin Land Information Association) Technical Working Groups, including the Economic Development Working Group, the Elevation Data Working Group, and the Education Working group.

WIGICC will use any leftover funds in its bank account to hold the first GIS Professionals Special Interest Group Meeting at the WLIA Annual Conference in February 2015. The remainder of the money will be donated to the WLIA scholarship fund.

The WIGICC website will likely remain up for another month or so.

While WIGICC’s dissolution might be interpreted negatively, in fact it resulted from the success of an effort to create a new Land Information Council to advise the DOA (Department of Administration) on matters relating to the WLIP (Wisconsin Land Information Program).

The Land Information Council has been created and will hold its first meeting in October.

The creation of the Land Information Council came from a process initiated by WIGICC for completing a statewide Geospatial Strategy Plan and was elevated through efforts with the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA), and many other organizations’ members. As conceived, this new council would effectively replace WIGICC and engage in focused discussions on statewide priorities at a time when the WLIP is providing grants for statewide strategic goals.

WIGICC was created in 2008 following a recommendation in the statewide strategic plan Wisconsin Location Matterspublished under guidance of the WLIA in January 2007.