Wisconsin Geospatial News

WIGICC proposes dissolution

With the creation of the Wisconsin State Land Council by the Department of Administration, WIGICC (the Wisconsin Geographic Information Coordination Council) is proposing to dissolve in its current form. 

The proposal is outlined by Jon Schwichtenberg, WIGICC chair, in the attached letter to WIGICC stakeholders.

WIGICC is looking for feedback on the proposed dissolution from the general public, stakeholders, and any other interested parties. The comment period will be open until Monday August 10, 2015, at 3:00 pm. WIGICC will then act on the dissolution proposal at its August 20, 2015, meeting.

Comments can be directed to Jon Schwichtenberg or Howard Veregin.

The Wisconsin State Land Council has recently been chartered as a body attached to the WI Department of Administration (DOA) to provide advice on the statewide Parcel Initiative and matters relating to  Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP). The creation of the WSLC came from a process initiated by WIGICC for completing a statewide Geospatial Strategy Plan and was elevated through efforts with the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA), and many other organizations’ members.

WIGICC was created in 2008 following a recommendation in the statewide strategic plan Wisconsin Location Matterspublished under guidance of the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) in January 2007.