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Latest draft of WLIP Plan now available

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The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) published the third draft of the Wisconsin Land Information Program Plan on June 30th.  Stakeholders have until Friday July 22nd to submit comments.

This latest draft was crafted in response to community comments received after draft #2 was published, along with input and guidance from the Wisconsin Land Information Council (WLIC) at their June 8th meeting.

A June 30th e-mail from WLIC Chair Don Dittmar outlined some highlights of draft #3:

  • A new overview and introduction on the planning process were added.
  • The county Strategic Initiative grant funding benchmark hierarchy was changed. Benchmark Set I remains parcels, followed by Set II for open data, and a Set III menu of options.
  • [Benchmark] Set III allows counties to choose from options that include PLSS, aerial imagery, LiDAR and other Foundational Element layers to be determined.
  • The concept of a portal was put into the scope of the plan.
  • Draft 3 emphasizes that much more detailed work will be need to be completed in the upcoming year to define additional benchmark standards, and invites public participation in the authorship of benchmark standards.

Any stakeholder group or person with comments may send them directly to Don Dittmar.  Comments received will discussed at the next WLIC meeting, scheduled for Monday August 1st.