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New SCO Website now live

New SCO Logo

Like most organizations, we seek to periodically refresh the look and functionality of our main Website.  It’s been six years since our last major redesign, so we were due for a change!  In that spirit, we quietly unveiled a completely new site on September 29th.  After some initial technical bumps (long story), we are ready to more formally announce the new site.

Some highlights include:

  • A new quick links bar near the top of the home page (“What Can We Help you Find?”) provides direct links to the most popular content on our site.
  • Geospatial Jobs, our most popular page, is now searchable and sortable.  This new feature makes researching past job postings a breeze.
  • The SCO Publications page is now searchable and sortable, with publications sorted by date of publication.
  • The search engine behind the scenes seems to provide better, more relevant search results.
  • We now have a “SCO Web Applications” bar on the home page that provides quick links to all of our online web apps.
  • You can now search our online news archives for topics of interest.
  • A new graphic design that more closely aligns with the “branding” of our parent organization, the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The new site also features our new logo, which we are slowly phasing in to our various publications and online resources.

A new site inevitably results in some “page not found errors” for folks that have links bookmarked to our old site.  Where possible, we’ve redirected some of the most popular (now) outdated links to their corresponding spot on the new site.  That said, if you have any problems locating content or have feedback, please contact us anytime.