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New Land Information Council Members Appointed

Several new members have been appointed to the Wisconsin Land Information Council (WLIC) by the Secretary of the Department of Administration (DOA). As announced earlier this week by Mike Friis, Program Manager for the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP) and Jim Giglierano, Wisconsin Geographic Information Officer, two of the members are brand-new to the Council. Chris Carrillo of the Metro Multiple Listing Service will represent the realtor industry, while Christina Muller of the FEMA National Hurricane Liaison Team will be the public safety/emergency communications representative.

The full membership of the council is as follows:

Adam Derringer, Ayres Associates, Geospatial professional (Chair of the Council)
Kimberly Christman, Racine County, Real property lister
Kelly Felton, Sauk County, Land information officer
Scott Hand, WEC Energy Group, Utility industry representative
Sarah Hedtke, Midwest Title Group, Land title or financial lending industry representative
Chris Carrillo, Metro Multiple Listing Service, Representative of realtor industry
Christina Muller, FEMA National Hurricane Liaison Team, Public safety or emergency communications representative
Cody Brommerich, Jackson County, County surveyor
Colter Sikora, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Representative of state or federal government
James Osborne, ISG Inc., Licensed professional land surveyor
Howard Veregin, Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office, State Cartographer
Cynthia Wisinski, Portage County, Register of deeds
Jim Giglierano, Wisconsin Department of Administration, Geographic Information Officer (Council Secretary)

The WLIC is attached to the DOA and serves in an advisory role on matters relating to the WLIP. The Council consists of 12 members appointed for three-year terms. Membership on the Council consists of representatives from various sectors that develop or utilize land information records. The state Geographic Information Officer serves as the non-voting Secretary of the Council. The DOA Division of Intergovernmental Relations provides staff support for council meetings.

More information on the WLIC can be found at this link.

The next meeting of the WLIC will be at the Wisconsin Land Information (WLIA) Fall Meeting in Minocqua, from 1:00-3:00 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023.