Wisconsin Geospatial News

Future access to WISCON unclear

People wanting to purchase a license for WISCON software will need to find a source other than the State Cartographer’s Office. After carefully considering the difficulties we have encountered in receiving a complete and well-documented product for a number of years, we have decided to end our distribution role.

Up to this point, the SCO has been the sole access point for anyone interested in purchasing a license to use WISCON which is produced by a small Virginia company by the name of SMP. We took on this role in 1996 in order to help surveying and mapping professionals in Wisconsin gain access to the only software designed to make coordinate conversions between all of the coordinate systems used in our state. This arrangement also helped limit the time that staff at the Wis. Dept. of Transportation (which funded the development of WISCON) would otherwise have had to spend explaining features of the software to prospective users.

If at any time in the past you purchased a license for WISCON, you are entitled to a free upgrade to the most recent version: 2.20. You should have received a CD-ROM in the mail directly from SMP in the last six months.

For the foreseeable future, inquiries about new WISCON purchases or upgrades may be directed to the SCO for an update on status and availability.