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ESRI Master Purchase Agreement finalized

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I am very happy to report that the Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) has been finalized. For the next two years the State of Wisconsin and partner agencies will be able to obtain products and services at a more favorable rate through this agreement.

Getting to this point, where we have official sign-off from both the state and vendor has been a long, difficult, and sometimes contentious process. Through the entire process ESRI staff and the WiDOA Bureau of Procurement put in late hours reviewing, revising, and validating each word and every sentence in this very long and all-inclusive document. Literally hundreds of versions were shared back and forth during that process.

Eventually the document reached a point where the respective legal departments weighed in several times on key issues protecting the Wisconsin stakeholders and ESRI. And finally, the contract was enacted by authorized signatures from both sides. In hindsight it becomes clear that all of this hard work and attention to detail was extremely important and valuable.

Those wishing to better understand the MPA terms and conditions can view it through the Wisconsin VendorNet system. Purchase Orders to obtain ESRI products and/or services should now reference the State of Wisconsin Master Purchase Agreement 2008MPA2644.