Wisconsin Geospatial News

La Crosse County aerial photography in the news

La Crosse County recently acquired oblique aerial photography (and orthos and LiDAR, I believe as well) to support their ongoing operations.   The La Crosse Tribune reported on the new development in their very positive article “Law enforcement puts new planning technology to use.”

What’s interesting about the Tribune story is not as much the article itself, but the reader comments at the end.  And I quote:

” …The government needs this “secret” weapon to keep you in line. It is a spy tool and will be used accordingly. Don’t sweat it though, the feds can see a fly on your head from space or planes.”

“So law enforcement has already scoped out your house just in case you do something bad? … “

“Seems like a nice toy, but a waste. … Just because it comes out of the left pocket it is still tax money.”

… and the list goes on.  Point is, this anecdote illustrates the ongoing need for the geospatial community to educate the public on emerging mapping technologies.  I seriously doubt anybody in La Crosse County government has any free time to scan through imagery looking for nefarious activities!