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2011 UW-Madison geospatial summit

Faculty, staff, and students at UW-Madison are coming together in April to discuss state of the art geospatial projects happening on campus.  The 2011 UW-Madison Geospatial Summit will happen on Thursday, April 28, 2011, from 9:00 am – 12:30 p.m. in room 6201 Microbial Sciences,1550 Linden Drive, Madison.

Last year’s Summit attracted a diverse group of over forty geospatial professionals from across campus, who strategized around important issues and themes affecting the UW-Madison geospatial community. This year, the theme of the Summit is “Sharing Resources and Ideas.” The program will include a series of ten-minute presentations summarizing participants’ geospatial projects and activities, with the goal of identifying common interests and ideas.

For a list of presentations currently scheduled for the event, check out the UW-Madison Geospatial Summit flyer

The Geospatial Summit is sponsored by the Geospatial Alliance, formerly known as “SIAC”. The UW Geospatial Steering Committee, formed from volunteers identified at the 2010 Summit, approved this name change at its February 10, 2011 meeting. Steering Committee members will be present at the Summit to summarize activities over the last year.

Attendance is open to all, and there is no registration fee.  Participants are asked to register in advance prior to Thursday April 21st.