Wisconsin Geospatial News

Statewide 18-inch imagery available this summer

As part of the 2010 Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Project (WROC), the contracting team of Ayres Associates and Aerometric is currently in the process of generating a statewide imagery dataset with a spatial resolution of 18”.  The dataset was made possible in large part from nearly $1.2 million in partnership funding raised prior to the 2010 flights.  The partner funding gave local governments participating in WROC a 20% direct discount on their high-resolution projects, who in turn allowed their imagery to be used in the creation of the statewide, lower-resolution product.

The specifications for the statewide dataset are: 18” spatial resolution, 3-band natural color,  GeoTIFF format, projected to Wisconsin Transverse Mercator, tiled by USGS quarter-quadrangle.  The data will be in the public domain, and freely-shareable.

The statewide imagery is expected to be available from the WisconsinView Web site in mid to late July. Watch the Mapping Bulletin for more specifics when the data becomes available!