Wisconsin Geospatial News

New memo outlines changes to Wisconsin Land Information Program

A memo published on July 17th by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) is aimed at helping stakeholders understand recent changes made to the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).  The changes, which are generally viewed as very positive by land information and GIS professionals in the state, were made as part of the recently-signed “Act 20” state budget bill.

The memo notes changes to the WLIP fall under five broad categories:

  • Initiative to Create a Statewide Digital Parcel Map
  • Increase in Base Budget and Training & Education Grant Eligibility
  • Increase in Land Information Fund Revenue
  • Update Frequency for County Land Information Plans
  • Penalties and Deadlines
I was impressed with the clarity of the document, and all of the detailed citations– definitely required reading for anyone with a stake in the WLIP.

For more information on the WLIP, visit the DOA Web site.