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Changes to the GISP Certification process announced

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) has announced changes to the GISP certification process effective July 1, 2015. As of that date, professionals applying for initial GISP certification will be required to pass a Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam, now being developed by GISCI. Applicants will also need to meet current standards for portfolio-based certification.

The exam and portfolio requirements will be independent of each other. This means that applicants will be able to take the exam whenever they believe they are prepared, rather than having to wait until they have completed all of the portfolio requirements.

After July 1, 2015, the fee structure for ceritification will also change, and the certification period will be three years rather than the current five. Recertification will be required at the end of the three-year period with a procedure similar to the current review process based on continuing education and service to the profession.

Until July 1, 2015, GISCI will continue to accept GISP applications under its current process and fee structure. For current GISP professionals with a recertification date after July 1, 2015, recertification will be for a three-year period. All professionals certified or recertified before July 1, 2015 will remain certified under the current five-year policy.

GISCI currently offers a one-year grace period for recertification after expiration. Any GISP that fails to recertify within the grace period will be required to reapply for certification under the standards in place at the time of recertification.

For more information see this GISCI press release.