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WLIA starts municipal GIS discussion group

In order to help improve communication among municipal GIS users and managers in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) recently created a new online discussion group focused on municipal GIS issues.  This action by WLIA represents one step in helping better serve municipal GIS stakeholders in the state. As I write this, 63 people from around the state are subscribed to the “MUGG” group.

Check out the full instructions for additional details, but in short you have two options for participating: join and interact by visiting the discussion group online (a Google account is required for posting), or via e-mail.

The e-mail option is likely the simplest approach for most people.  To join, send an empty message to “mugg+subscribe@wlia.org“, and then confirm the subscription request that is sent to your inbox.

Once subscribed, messages sent to the following e-mail address will be distributed to all group members:


Contact Adam Dorn, GIS Administrator with the City of Oshkosh, more information on the WLIA Municipal GIS Users Special Interest Group or the new discussion group.