A Final Farewell to the US Survey Foot?

Ring out the old, ring in the new! As midnight approaches this New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to say farewell to the US survey foot. Or maybe hold off for a year or two.

Bryan Meyer to discuss importance of PLSS at Wisconsin Counties Association Meeting

Bryan Meyer, La Crosse County Surveyor, will deliver a presentation about the importance and value of the Public Land Survey System at the Wisconsin Counties Association Annual Meeting in La Crosse on September 27, 2021.

Participate in GPS on Benchmarks Program

The National Geodetic Survey is asking surveyors to collect GPS observations to improve the accuracy of the new National Spatial Reference System.

WSRS2022 submits letter to NGS requesting policy exceptions

The Wisconsin Spatial Reference System 2022 Task Force has submitted a letter to the National Geodetic Survey requesting exceptions to NGS’s policy regarding the modernization of the State Plane Coordinate System.

Two new PLSS corner numbering documents published by SCO

The SCO has recently published two documents detailing the implementation of a PLSS corner numbering system for the state.

Public Land Survey System Work Group Receives Community-University Partnership Award

The Public Land Survey System Work Group was recently acknowledged by UW-Madison for outstanding community-engaged collaboration in embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea.

New publication: Proposed statewide PLSS corner numbering system

A new publication offers a proposal for implementing the Romportl System to number corners in the statewide Public Land Survey System (PLSS) database.

Wisconsin’s Geospatial Infrastructure Gets an Upgrade

Overview of a project to integrate PLSS (Public Land Survey System) data into the statewide parcel database.

Survey Control Finder

Survey Control Finder is a mobile-friendly web app that provides a central point of access to over 28,000 control points and over 200,000 Public Land Survey System records in Wisconsin.

Statewide PLSS database to be developed

The V4 Parcel Project will include the collection and aggregation of local Public Land Survey System corner data, culminating in an initial statewide PLSS database.