Wisconsin DOT Looking for Public Input on State Highway Map

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is looking for public input on the design and content of the 2025 edition of the state highway map.

Take the Official State Highway Map Survey

Your input is needed to help plan for the 2025 Official State Highway Map.

Using geospatial PDFs

This document provides an overview of geospatial PDFs and their basic features, as well as some of the tools available to interact with these files, using USGS US Topos as a case study. 2nd edition, published in 2019.

Concepts and Methods for Rule-Based Web Cartography

One of the ways that interactive Web-based maps are different from traditional paper maps is that Web maps permit users to dynamically change map scale by interacting with a zoom tool. The ability to dynamically change map scale poses some challenges for cartographic design, since the mapping engine must be prepared to effectively render map data for different scale displays. This Technical Paper provides a quick overview of concepts and methods for Web-based cartography, with specific reference to issues of content selection and feature symbolization in the context of scale change.

133 map categories! How the US Department of Agriculture solved a complex cartographic design problem

How to design a color palette for a map with 133 categories.

New technical paper on Web cartography now available

Stuggling with the design and logic of your online maps? Check out our new technical paper called “Concepts and Methods for Rule-Based Web Cartography.”

Michigan quarter shows map design principle

A big improvement over earlier design

SCO to offer Map Design Workshop again

Join us on April 22 in Madison.

Map titles are extremely important

Choosing a clear title and giving it prominence in the layout may be the most critical descision you make each time you set out to create a map.

Map Design workshop scheduled again

We are happy to announce another opportunity for you to take part in our Map Design Workshop.