Timeline for Rollout of Modernized National Spatial Reference System

A quick explanation of the timeline for the rollout of the modernized National Spatial Reference System by the National Geodetic Survey.

GPS on Bench Marks Initiative Winding Down

The GPS on Bench Marks campaign is coming to and end soon, with a deadline of Sept. 30, 2023.

Heard about NATRF2022 and NAPGD2022? What about IGLD (2020) and the LWD?

A possible redefinition of the Low Water Datum for the Great Lakes will have impacts that go beyond just updating maps and charts.

A Final Farewell to the US Survey Foot?

Ring out the old, ring in the new! As midnight approaches this New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to say farewell to the US survey foot. Or maybe hold off for a year or two.

An Update on the GPS on Bench Marks Initiative

Details on the status of the GPS on BM Initiative in Wisconsin.

2020 US Mean Center of Population Designated at 37.415725 North Latitude, 92.346525 West Longitude

The US mean center of population continues its westward trek.

National Spatial Reference System Modernization Now Set for Mid-2025

NGS anticipates the release of all data and limited tools by the middle of 2025.

Update on Wisconsin Spatial Reference System 2022 Task Force Activities

A brief update on Wisconsin Spatial Reference System 2022 (WSRS2022) Task Force activities in relation to the National Geodetic Survey’s National Spatial Reference System modernization program.

Converting and Transforming Coordinates in the Modernized National Spatial Reference System

Converting coordinates in the new NSRS will require the use of several models, one to change the epoch and one to change the reference frame. In a recent publication, the National Geodetic Survey suggests this process could be achieved in one step.

National Geodetic Survey Provides Update for Completing State Plane Coordinate System 2022 Redesign

The National Geodetic Survey has provided another update for completing the design of the State Plane Coordinate System 2022.