Wisconsin Land Information Program 2023 Report Published

The Department of Administration has published the 2023 Wisconsin Land Information Program Report.

V8 Statewide Parcel Database & E4 Statewide PLSS Database Available

In the second half of 2022, The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) and State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) released updated versions of the Statewide Parcel Database (V8) and the Statewide PLSS Database (E4).  Both statewide databases …

Ashland County Building Inventory Project

A recent study highlights some of the barriers to acquiring digital tax assessment data to create a detailed building database for flood modeling.

V7 Statewide Parcel Web App and Data Download Now Available

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) and State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) are pleased to announce the release of the Version 7 Statewide Parcel Data within the Statewide Parcel Web Application and Statewide Parcel Data Distribution Page.

Using the Statewide Parcel Database to Analyze Changes in Property Values

A map showing the annual change in residential property values across the state was constructed using data from the Statewide Parcel Database.

Map of Annual Change in Residential Property Values, 2016-2020

This poster-sized map (24×30 in.) shows the annual percent increase or decrease in total assessed value for improved residential properties in Wisconsin, using data from Versions 3 and 7 of the Statewide Parcel Database.

Jefferson County seeks contractor for parcel fabric conversion

Jefferson County, Wisconsin is seeking proposals for assistance implementing the ESRI Parcel Fabric and Local Government Information Model for Parcel Publishing (LGIM).

Two new PLSS corner numbering documents published by SCO

The SCO has recently published two documents detailing the implementation of a PLSS corner numbering system for the state.

V5 statewide parcel web app and data download now available

The Version 4 Statewide Parcel Database is now available through the Parcel Web Application and Data Distribution Page.

New publication: Proposed statewide PLSS corner numbering system

A new publication offers a proposal for implementing the Romportl System to number corners in the statewide Public Land Survey System (PLSS) database.