USGS mapping: institutional change begins

State Cartographer Ted Koch’s observations about staffing at the USGS.

USGS appoints new state liaison

Dick Vraga is tapped by the Geography Discpline.

USGS selects new state liaison

Dick Vraga will also serve Illinois

USGS ends “map separate” as standard product

In a move that reflects the grwoing dominance of the digital environment in mapping, the U.S. Geological Survey has removed copies of map separates as a routine product.

Landsat instrument in trouble?

remote sensing data in jeopardy

USGS offers map access to stream level data

Provides almost-real-time info

USGS raises price for 24K quads

Sheet price now $6

Camera calibration lab to get upgrade

USGS & NNSA to collaborate

State-based I-Team Plans in Progress

Federally inspired GIS initiative moves forward.