Wisconsin Geospatial News

SCO proposes development of a statewide digital basemap

During the recent Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) annual conference in Madison, the SCO announced a new mapping initiative. The SCO is proposing to develop a statewide cartographic database for small- and mid-scale mapping. This database could support a variety of map services and products including rendered maps, rendered layers, map image tiles, Web services, and raw data layers. The goal is to provide users — including geospatial professionals as well as non-traditional users – with the GIS data and tools they need to make maps and carry out cartographic projects. The project also has linkages to other initiatives at the national and state level, including the National Map and the Esri Community Maps Program.

This project is in the initial planning and requirements-gathering stage. Volunteers are currently being solicited for an advisory committee to help guide the product. The SCO is also interested in ideas and suggestions from anyone in the Wisconsin mapping community. For more information download our fact sheet or contact Timothy Kennedy at the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office. (608-890-3793).