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V3 statewide parcel web app now available

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) and State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) are pleased to announce the release of the Version 3 Statewide Parcel Data within the Statewide Parcel Web Application and Statewide Parcel Data Distribution Page.

The Statewide Parcel Web App continues to provide the community with a web-based mapping interface for browsing the V1 (2015) and V2 (2016) statewide parcel layers and now integrates the third version of the statewide layer, V3 (2017). The application enables users to pan and zoom, search by parcel attribute information, locate themselves on the parcel map, and query parcels on screen. The application also integrates the V3 county administered zoning layers as overlays.

The statewide parcel and zoning layers are available for download in their entirety as an Esri file geodatabase. Individual county downloads are available as shapefile or file geodatabase.

Database Characteristics

The V3 Project is part of a larger Statewide Digital Parcel Map Initiative, a multi-year, DOA initiative that resulted from Act 20, the state’s 2013-15 biennial budget. The V3 schema documentation includes detailed information about available attributes. The V3 change log highlights changes to the statewide parcel layer since it was first publicly released as “V1” on July 31st, 2015. Attributes contained in the V3 database are consistent with those contained within V1 and V2. They include but are not limited to:

  • Assessed value of land
  • Assessed value of improvements
  • Total assessed value
  • Class of property, as specified in s. 70.32 (2)(a)
  • Estimated fair market value
  • Total property tax
  • Parcel owner names
  • Property and mailing address information maintained by the county
  • Acreage information maintained by the county
  • Parcel ID
  • School districts
  • Latitude/Longitude of parcel centroid

For more information about the Wisconsin Statewide Parcel Initiative, see the DOA’s Statewide Parcel Map Initiative webpage.

User feedback is appreciated!

Those who download the V3 database are encouraged to share their feedback to help improve future versions of the statewide parcel map! Click this link to share feedback, suggestions, and notes on how you use this data.