Staffing News from Around the State

Read more about the accomplishments of your Wisconsin collegues.

Robinson and Woodward Remembered

Two renowed Wisconsin cartographers honored in memorial gathering.

Staffing news from around the state

Read more about the accomplishments of your Wisconsin colleagues.

So you want a GIS job?

A geospatial career seminar held at UW-Madison on May 3rd gave students the opportunity to learn about skills they will need to find employment in the GIS industry. Our panelists had some very interesting thoughts to share.

County and municipal ortho projects pressing forward in 2005

An unprecedented number of ortho projects were flown this spring. Vendors are working to hard to have imagery ready later this year.

A Geographic Information Officer on the way?

State CIO Matt Miszewski delivers on his promise to recruit a GIO, and the Wisconsin Land Information Board is dissolved as of July 1, 2005.

USDA program flying statewide color orthophotos in 2005

Planes are in the air now for the USDA National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP). The summer “leaf-on” color imagery will have a one meter spatial resolution.

ESRI Wisconsin Users’ Group moves north for 2005

The annual ESRI-focused conference will be held November 10-11 in Green Bay. Help support the event by submitting a presentation abstract.

New Ice Age Trail Atlas available for 2005

The attractive new atlas is a must-have for anyone interested in hiking Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail.

Charles Groat resigns as Director of U.S. Geological Survey

In response to Groat’s resignation, Interior Secretary Gale Norton named Dr. P. Patrick Leahy as acting director.