Send us your Success Stories

New feature will provide an in-depth look at GIS/LIS projects around Wisconsin. We need your help!

Preliminary Planning for Digital Orthophoto QA/QC Workshop Underway

A small committee is exploring the possibility of holding a digital orthophoto quality assessment workshop later this year.

GIO and WLIS are priorities for Chief Information Officer

Matt Miszewski, Chief Information Officer for the State of Wisconsin, delivered some important news to the land information community during his keynote address at the 2005 WLIA conference.

WLIA Emergency Management Task Force Formed

New group will help guide the development of a geospatial emergency management strategy for Wisconsin.

Lillesand Receives 2005 SAIC/Estes Memorial Teaching Award

The ASPRS recently honored Dr. Thomas M. Lillesand with the 2005 SAIC/Estes Memorial Teaching Award.

USGS publishes new GIS poster

A popular educational poster explaining the workings and applications of GIS has been revised by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Greetings from the New Editor

Jim Lacy joins the SCO as new Associate State Cartographer.